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General Contractor



Do you have a concept of a project you would like to undertake but are not sure where to start? We help to take the key elements of your idea and concept to begin to build a design to meet the concept and project budget.


This takes your project from an idea to a plan. The details, finishings, and end goals are all considered while we design the project from paper to plan.


Our expert project managers take the building plan, budget, and timeline and create the build plan to bring your concept to life!


Project Management

Project Management

"We use the PM/CM Project Management Methodology." This means we utilize both Project and Construction Management for every build. 

Your project will require budgeting, building permits, tendering, procurement, thorough construction schedules, and detailed cost management. We will manage all of the details associated with the construction project management for your build. 

We are skilled and experienced to assist you in the successful execution of the design/build plan. 

Contact us to get started.

General Contracting

General Contracting

Premier Building Solutions Ltd. strives to provide an atmosphere where the whole project team – including ownership, consultants, general contractors and sub-contractors, work together as a team, focused on a common goal. We set that goal together with our clients and then work together with the team and sub-trades to achieve it.

“Projects Unique – but Quality Common”

Each project is unique and requires a specific approach to obtain the desired results. However, the quality of work, the financial management, and time efficiency are the three common components of a successful project. At Premier Building Solutions Ltd., the quality of work is always given a high priority. Quality work takes time and costs money. We pride ourselves in our ability to manage the time and cost in such a way as to provide a quality project within the time and budget allowances.

“Team Relationships are Key …”

We have excellent relationships with all of the consultants, owners and sub-contractors we have completed projects with. Bring us your plans and allow us to show you how we can make your building project a success.

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